Internet Falls In Love With Touching Note Between 1940s Lifeguards: ‘ALL MY LOVE, YOUR TOMMY’

A vintage black and white photo of two male lifeguards has gone viral on Reddit because of the touching inscription written on the back.

“To Buzz,” the message, dated March 26, 1949, begins. “I’ll always remember the times we spent together. All my love, Your Tommy.”

The photo and message have left many wondering if the two young men were more than just friends.

“This makes my small dark heart fill with sunshine and feel happy!” one person comments.

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“This just gave me the best gay feels,” wrote another.

“So beautiful,” another writes. “Would absolutely watch a movie of this love story.”

“This makes me sad,” wrote another Redditor. “To me it reads as a goodbye note.”

“I wonder if they had to get married,” someone else speculated. “Or if they were lifeguards and the summer was over and they had to go back to their lives of lies.”

“It has that whole ‘we can never be together’ vibe about it,” comments another.

“It may have been 1948 but it was the summer of 69,” on joked.

It is unclear when or where the original photo was taken.

h/t: Queerty/HomoHistory