Trump, Pence Invite Pastor Who Said Gays “Want To Recruit Your Kids” To Deliver Easter Blessing

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence hosted Bishop Harry Jackson, a pentecostal preacher from Maryland with a well-documented history of spewing anti-LGBT rhetoric, in the Oval Office Friday to deliver an Easter Blessing.

President Trump introduced Jackson, who previously called the push for marriage equality “a Satanic plot,” as a “highly respected gentleman,” The Hill reported.

“I especially believe that what we’re dealing with is a Satanic plot to destroy our seed,” Jackson said in 2011. “And we have a minority group in a sense that has decided they are going to impose their will on the culture.”

In 2012, Jackson spoke with “Nothing But Truth,” the American Family Association’s radio program, and said gays and lesbians “impose their will on the culture” because they “cannot reproduce [and] may try to recruit.”

He also said that Christians weren’t fighting back “just like during the times of Hitler.”

“The reality is just like during the times of Hitler, we have people coming after one group after another group after another group, and folks are saying, ‘Well this doesn’t affect me’ I’ll let this slide’,” he said.

In 2012, the bishop said that “We need to steal back the rainbow. We can’t let the gays have it.”

“If marriage is redefined, then the family is redefined, is redefined, who has children and how that operates is redefined, if the family is redefined then education is redefined,” he said. “That’s how you ‘Heather has two Mommies’ being taught to 2nd graders and eight-year-old kids in Massachusetts and California, and folks who cannot reproduce want to recruit your kids. What we’re facing is a radical force of people that want to change the way America looks for the next twenty years and we’re going to have to stop this thing now.”

During the Good Friday Easter blessing, Jackson thanked Trump and Vice President Pence for their efforts to combat the coronavirus and “protect our nation.”