Trump Falsely Claims Ivanka ‘Created Over 15 Million Jobs’ At A Coronavirus Relief Meeting

President Trump on Tuesday falsely claimed that his daughter and senior advisor Ivanka Trump had “created 15 million jobs” before the economy imploded as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump made the debunked claim while speaking with banking executives about rescue efforts for businesses hurt by the pandemic.

“My daughter Ivanka Trump, who just wants to have people working – that’s why I gave her lots of options and what do you like?” Trump told reporters.

“And she created over 15 million jobs working with some of you but working with the biggest companies in the world,” he falsely claimed.

“They were training and training like nobody has ever seen,” he added. “But she started off with a goal of 500,000 jobs and now she’s up to over 15 million.”

Trump has repeatedly claimed that Ivanka has created 15 million jobs even though official estimates indicate the country had gained only 6.7 million jobs since 2017 before the recent economic collapse.

When Trump made the false claim in February, an AP fact check determined his claim is “not remotely true. Less than half that many jobs have been added to the entire workforce during Trump’s presidency and his daughter is not responsible for them.”