Florida Woman Yells ‘Go Donald Trump!’ After Emptying Store Of Paper Towels, Toilet Paper

A Florida Trump supporter is being shamed online after she allegedly purchased all the paper products in a Dollar Tree store.

A 2-minute video showing the woman, who has been nicknamed “TP Tammy” by angry Twitter users, loading dozens of boxes filled with toilet paper, paper napkins, and tissues onto the back of a truck has now gone viral with over 3.2 million views.

“Look at this wonderful woman who just told me to go f myself and minding my own f’ing business, who just bought the entire store of toilet paper, paper towels, so that no one else can have any,” an angry Dollar Tree customer who recorded the incident can be heard telling the woman.

“It’s really lovely,” the woman recording continues. “And I wish I had gotten it earlier when she was telling me to go f myself and mind my own f’ing business. But now she’s being all calm because she knows she’s gonna be on everywhere.”

“Why don’t you go video inside the store, they sold everything,” a passerby off-screen interjects. “Yeah, I saw that. It shouldn’t be allowed though,” the woman who is recording replies.

“I hope you’re not like going to go sell it to other people,” she adds. “Don’t worry you’ll see her on the street corner selling it for double in a minute.”

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do,” the woman who purchased the products replies.

“She bought it all from the store and she thinks it’s right and OK,” the woman who is recording tells a man off-screen. “I bet you she likes Donald Trump too,” she continues.

The woman loading the toilet paper into her car then shouts: “Donald Trump! Go Donald Trump!”

“I knew it. I had you pegged right away,” the woman recording responds.