Pro Wrestler Mike Parrow Just Married His Longtime Boyfriend In A Beautiful Ceremony

Professional wrestler Mike Parrow tied the knot on Saturday to his longtime boyfriend, Morgan Cole.

Parrow, who came out as gay in late 2017, did not let the global coronavirus pandemic get in the way of their big day.

In an Instagram post published four days before their wedding, Parrow wrote, “When I first meet him I told him I was never coming out and he could only come over at night. Now I can’t imagine my life without him!”

In another Instagram post featuring images from their wedding, Parrow wrote, “My husband and I want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you to our friends that were able join us especially during everyone’s current circumstances and to all the others who sent well wishes, it truly meant the world to us. The wedding was perfect! It does get better!”

At the time of his coming out, Parrow said: “My mum was very Catholic, and there was never any talk or anything about being gay. It was just never brought up. In my hometown, we didn’t really have anybody that was gay.”

He added: “And everything that I saw on TV was nowhere close to who I was. So I did not want to be gay because everything that was represented was nowhere close to being me. So I kind of withheld that and I buried it…As a kid, I had no role models whatsoever to look up to…I was like, ‘There’s no way that there are other people like me. I am all by myself.’”

Parrow explains that it was ironically the gay conversion therapy that led to his decision to come out – because he felt community for the first time with other gay people: “It was the first time I heard people had the same feelings that I did. Being there, I realized I am gay and that is not going to change. Because one of [conversion therapy’s] premises is that it’s a choice. It’s not a choice. You’re born this way. So right there, that’s a flawed philosophy…I’m not a doctor and I can’t prove that but I can tell you why I know [it doesn’t work].”

“There’s no role models for athletes because athletes tend to come out after they retire because of fear maybe of rejection, fear of different pay, fear of people just not accepting them for who they are. I’ve had the opposite. My career got better since I’ve come out because I know who I am.”