Lawmaker Tells Devos To ‘Resign’ After Refusing To Say She’d ‘Stand Up For Kids’ Facing Discrimination

Democratic Representative Katherine Clark on Thursday slammed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos at the President’s 2021 Education Budget Request hearing, telling DeVos that she “should resign.”

“Your inability to say that you would stand up for kids is appalling, and you really should resign,” Clark said during the tense hearing.

Clark said that she thinks DeVos should resign after she asked the secretary if she could “guarantee” that taxpayer money would only go to schools with nondiscrimination policies.

“Well congresswoman, this is not proposed to be a federal program,” Devos said.

“This is proposed to be a federal tax credit,” she added. “The legislation is specifically for states to create programs that are going to meet the needs of the most vulnerable and needy students in their states.”

Democratic Representative Mark Pocan asked DeVos about a Washington Post report that talked about charter schools receiving money from the federal government, with Pocan noting “40 percent,” of charter schools that DeVos is giving grants to “are closing down.”

“That is not true, that has been a totally debunked report, it was nothing but propaganda,” DeVos said.

Pocan then went on to ask DeVos “what percent of charter schools are failing?”

When DeVos was unable to provide Pocan with a specific number for his question he said, “You’re the secretary of education, and you don’t have this? You know this report’s wrong, but you don’t have a number.”

“What I know is parents and families are choosing to send their children to charter schools. Parents and children are going to charter schools by choice, and there are a million more families on charter school waitlists,” DeVos said.