Ignoring Vile Anti-Gay Attacks From So-Called “Christians”, Pete Wishes His ‘Love’ Chasten A Happy Valentine’s Day

So-called “Christians” unleashed a barrage of anti-gay attacks this month targeting Pete Buttigieg in the wake of his second-place finish in the New Hampshire Democratic primary.

Hate group leader Bryan Fischer claimed Buttigieg’s “sexual conduct” makes him a bad “role model for America’s children” following his apparent victory in Iowa.

Right-wing radio host and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Rush Limbaugh questioned how it looks when Buttigieg kisses his husband on stage after a debate against “Mr. Man Donald Trump,” after Buttigieg’s second-place finish in NH.

On Thursday, conservative CNN commentator Ben Ferguson defended Limbaugh’s anti-gay rant, saying Buttigieg simply isn’t masculine enough for the general election.

In a column published Friday by influential Christian site Charisma News, preacher and author Bert Farias argued that Buttigieg is in fact “deserving of death” according to his flawed interpretation of the Bible.

In the face of these vile attacks, Buttigieg proudly shared a Valentine’s day message to the love of his life, his husband Chasten Buttigieg.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the one I love,” the former Mayor tweeted, including a photo of the couple together.

Chasten responded by tweeting: “With you, my love, I’d go anywhere. Happy Valentines Day, Pete Buttigieg.”