Trump: ‘Son Of A Bitch’ Soleimani Was In Iraq Talking Weddings Just Like Hillary Did In E-mails

At his rally in Milwaukee, Wis., on Tuesday night, President Trump touted the results of his decision to approve an airstrike that killed top Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

Trump delivered a bizarre, profanity-laced rant in which he told the crowd that Soleimani was actually in Iraq to talk about “weddings” and “working out” just like Hillary Clinton did in her missing e-mails.

“But the Democrats are doing everything possible to disparage what we did with the hit on this monster. You know, many of the young men and women you see walking around without arms or without legs and without – were done by Soleimani. He loved the roadside bomb. That’s what he loved. Thousands, and thousands and thousands. In Iraq, in Afghanistan. Roadside bombs,” Trump told the crowd.

“He was the king of the roadside bombs. Great percentages of people don’t have legs right now and arms because of this son of a bitch. Okay?” Trump said as the crowd went wild.

“And by the way, he was in a country he wasn’t allowed to be in,” he said. “But you know, we don’t mention that. Because he was designated and he wasn’t allowed to be there.”

“And he was there with the head of Hezbollah. And they were talking about, like Hillary Clinton, they were talking about weddings and working out,” Trump said to laughter from the crowd.

“Soleimani and the head of Hezbollah, they were talking about weddings, working out, or Bill Clinton in the back of the airplane with the attorney general. Where they may have made her an offer that you are going to go to the Supreme Court. Or they may have said you are going to stay attorney general. But help, help! They may have said that. Do you think they would have said, No, nothing like that?” Trump said.

“But do you remember, they talked about golf and grandchildren? Forty-five minutes. You know, I like golf and I love my grandchildren. I don’t think I can talk to somebody about them for 45 minutes that I don’t even know,” he continued.