Attacker Shouts Homophobic Slurs, Douses Gay Man With Bleach While Volunteering At Charity Shop

On the same day a new report revealed that homophobic hate crimes in London have increased by 55% over a five-year period, a horrifying homophobic attack was reported by the victim’s partner, reports The Independent.

“Today Joe was attacked,” Alex Redfern wrote about his partner, Joe Shannon, in a now-viral Twitter post.

“He was covering a charity shop on what was meant to be his day off, someone came in doused him in bleach whilst shouting homophobic abuse,” he wrote.

Redfern went on to say that his partner had been given immediate first aid before he was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

“Joe is home. Due to quick thinking and first aid there is no permanent physical damage,” Redfern wrote in an update tweet. “Minor burns and damage to his eye but will heal soon.”

“Thank you everyone for your kind words, we briefly lost hope in people but the kindness offered on here has been overwhelming,” he added.

When contacted by London’s Metropolitan Police Service on Twitter, Redfern indicated that the incident had been reported to the authorities and that the attack “took place in Croydon.”