“I Actually Like Men!”: Clinton Shoots Down ‘Lesbian’ Rumors On Howard Stern Show Debut

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday made her debut appearance on The Howard Stern Show, where she dispelled rumors that she’s secretly a “lesbian.”

Discussing the man she was in a relationship with before former President Bill Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee said, “He was a good guy… he was so handsome, really handsome. He looked like a Greek god. He was very attractive.”

“Contrary to what you might hear, I actually like men,” she insisted, prompting Stern to reply, “Raise your right hand, you’ve never had a lesbian affair.”

“Never, never, never!” she proclaimed. “Never even been tempted.”

Stern responded, “Unbelievable.”

Clinton also said she “dated a lot of different people,” and she “was pretty popular.”

“Boys were not my problem,” Clinton added.

Clinton’s sexuality has long been at the center of conspiracy theories.

In 2016, a woman who claimed to have been Bill Clinton’s mistress, also claimed that Hillary Clinton was a lesbian– an allegation echoed by President Trump’s former advisor Roger Stone, reports Mediaite.