Embattled Comedian Roseanne Barr To Headline Mar-A-Lago Event For Female Trump Supporters

Embattled comedian and Trump supporter Roseanne Barr has been booked to speak at the upcoming “Trumpettes” gala honoring President Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Barr — whose reboot of the popular sitcom “Roseanne” was canceled in 2018 after she shared a racist tweet comparing a black former senior advisor to President Barack Obama, to an ape — will be the featured speaker.

Donald Trump, Jr. is also slated to speak at the event that will take place Feb.1, the day before Super Bowl Sunday.

Copies of his new book, “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us,” will be given out to all attendees at the gala.

“Roseanne is a really loyal Trump supporter,” Trumpettes founder Toni Holt Kramer told the paper.

“If there was ever anybody who really put their mouth on the line and said how much she loves the president, she is one of them. You can’t get a hotter name in town.”

The organizer also defended the comedian from claims that she is a racist. “I know Roseanne, and if I know somebody who is not racist, it’s certainly Roseanne,” she said “She’s a phenomenal woman.”

“You have to know Hollywood is a very left, Democratic community,” she claimed. “They want everybody to be on the left. And if you aren’t, you’re not going to work very often.”

According to Kramer, tickets to the third annual event were already sold out before it was announced that Barr would be speaking.

Actress Patricia Arquette recently expressed concern for Barr’s mental health after she published a rambling incoherent video about President Trump liberating America from various types of slavery and a “mind-control program.”

In the bizarre viral diatribe, Barr tells the camera:

I know that Obama’s spy name was “Renegade.” Y’all know that, right? On the emails? Renegade. But I think President Trump is the real renegade. Uh, he’s a renegade against a system of complete debt slavery, child slavery, human slavery, woman slavery, working class slavery, all enslaved to, um, a very small group of people at the top of the, um, Swiss-y pyramid of Pharaoh.

And we’re seeing it fall, Babylon, and it’s just fantastic. And we’re not just going to watch it fall. Many of us have already done that, but we’re going to create the new thing that replaces it. We’re digital soldiers.

The video then cuts to a new recording, which begins with Barr saying:

I guess I’ll title this “The Perverse Reverse.” It doesn’t just happen once. It happens when the powers that be — the owners of us, our owners, our masters, our royals — when they need to move a bunch of us somewhere. They take certain steps to do that. Um, and they always do it through an hour-glass flip in the mind-control program.