Dolly Parton Performed A Special “Drag Queen” Version Of “Jolene” For Her Gay Fans

Country superstar Dolly Parton spoke about Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and performed a special version of “Jolene” for her gay fans during an appearance on Thursday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers”.

Parton, who has been making the late-night rounds promoting her new Netflix series “Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings”, told Meyers about the time she met Cash when she was just a teen.

“He was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen, I was 13 years old. I was looking at him and I was feeling all these things that you feel,” Parton revealed. “That’s the first time I really understood what sex appeal really was.”

Parton also revisited one of her most famous songs, “Jolene,” since Seth’s three-year-old is obsessed with the song, offering an impromptu performance of a chorus for the studio audience.

“This is for my gay crowd,” Parton said before singing, “Drag Queen, Drag Queen, Drag Queen, Drag Queen. Please don’t take him just because you can.”

“When my husband and I first got married, there was this beautiful girl who worked at the bank, she had everything I didn’t, like long legs, she was tall and beautiful, and he would just spend a lot of time down there,” Parton said, explaining the song’s origin story. “And I thought, ‘I know we ain’t got that kind of money!’”

Parton explained that he claimed his frequent bank visits were to secure a loan for his asphalt paving company, but she insisted he start talking to male bank tellers, or else, as she put it, “It’s gonna be your ass AND your fault.”

“What would you do today if you ran into another Jolene-type with your husband?” Seth asked.

“Oh I’d just hide his Viagra,” she fired back.

Parton also explained how she refused Elvis Presley, the rights to record “I Will Always Love You” because she didn’t want to give up half the publishing rights let that “Fool Cash In.”

Dolly recently spoke to NewNowNext about her love of RuPaul and the drag queens that impersonate her.

“That drag show with RuPaul is great, I’ve always loved RuPaul, who could be a better drag queen than RuPaul? And I love the fact that all the drag queens like to dress like me, I love that, to me that’s a compliment,” she said.

“I’ve always joked that if I hadn’t been a girl I’d have been a drag queen, and I’m pretty sure that’d be true, because I love all that gaud and the flamboyant colors and just getting out and doing your thing,” she added. “So I just want to be part of anything and everything going on in this world, and I want to entertain and play to that fanbase. I’ve always been proud of my gay following, and I think they all care about me because I care about them.”