Gay Acrobatic Dancers Receive Standing Ovation On French Talent Show Competition

Acrobatic dancers Guillaume Paquin and Arthur Morel Van Hyfte received a standing ovation after performing a dance routine meant to combat homophobia on La France a Un Incroyable Talent (France’s Got Incredible Talent) last night.

After their introduction, judge Hélène Ségara asked the duo if they had anything to say before their performance.

“We’re going to present a number against homophobia,” Arthur said.

“It was so beautiful and it was so tender at the same time,” Ségara praised them as the crowd delivered a standing ovation. “I think that with or without a message, I found it beautiful, and it felt good.”

“Two boys kissing on the lips is not something we often see on television, and that touched me deeply,” said judge Marianne James.

“Violence continues to rise, so there is a battle to be fought here,” said comedian Éric Antoine, another judge.

The dance routine is part of the CircusQueer project, which is described on social media as “a series of performance videos to address social issues and hopefully inspire a kinder world” and meant to address “gender identity, trans youth, and the conditioning of gender expectations.”

“My video ‘Hallelujah’ is a response to anyone who uses their beliefs as a weapon,” said the project’s producer, Matthew Richardson. “It’s meant to be a gentle reminder that no matter what we believe in, we can still choose kindness towards those we don’t understand.”