Harry Styles Played A Gay Intern With A Penchant For Popper-Fueled Threesomes On SNL: ‘Wreck Me Daddy!’

Former One Direction boy band member Harry Styles returned to Saturday Night Live this week to serve as both host and musical guest.

In one memorable sketch, (Dylan) Styles plays a gay social-media intern who has caused irreparable damage to the brand identity of Sara Lee bread while managing their official Instagram account.

“For example, why did Sara Lee comment on this picture of Nick Jonas saying, ‘Wreck me, daddy’?” Styles is asked during a company meeting.

“I see what happened,” Styles replies. “I’ve been mixing up the Sara Lee Instagram account with my personal Instagram account.”

He also admitted to mixing up his personal Instagram account with his company account when he commented on the account of “some random fashion twink” with eggplants, water drops, a train, and a ghost emoji.

That’s a reference to “getting railed to death, yes,” Styles explains.

Styles is also questioned on whether there were any typos in the caption of a grilled cheese sandwich, which he captioned with his late-night ramblings about feeling depressed after threesomes.

“A little moody after being used. Why do guys always freak out when I ask them to spit in my mouth? Need a real king that can handle,” Styles read aloud from the Instagram caption.

“Sara Lee wrote that at 4 in the morning while he was still on a poppers high,” he admits.

Shortly after the sketch aired, Yang offered Sara Lee an apology on behalf of himself and fellow SNL scribe Julio Torres.

“Me and prodigal son [Julio Torres] made Mz. @Harry_Styles say queer nonsense,” he humorously wrote. “Very very very sorry to everyone at @SaraLeeDesserts.”

According to TVLine: “In the hours since the sketch aired, the @SaraLeeBread IG account was reportedly flooded with references to the sketch, including a sea of ‘wreck me daddy’ replies to its latest post. As of Sunday afternoon, that post showed a count of nearly 1,700 comments, all of which were hidden (as seen below). Yang took notice and called the company out on Twitter.”

“Sara Lee disabling and deleting IG comments,” Yang wrote. “Wow they really could have been THE bread for f*gs.”