‘As A Christian, I Believe Satan Is Behind’ Impeachment Probe, Says Pro-Trump Christian Publisher

Stephen Strang, the CEO of the conservative Christian media outlet and publishing company Charisma News, declared in a press release last week that Satan himself is behind the House impeachment inquiry and other “demonic attacks” on President Donald Trump, reports Right Wing Watch.

“The attacks are, in my opinion, from the pit of hell,” Strang wrote on Friday. “As a Christian, I believe that Satan is behind this.”

“He is trying to steal, kill and destroy,” he writes. “And Donald Trump has been raised up by God to stop our nation’s headlong plunge into total depravity. It’s God’s mercy to America since we deserve judgment.”

According to Strang, Christians shouldn’t be surprised by “all these demonic attacks against the president,” because Satan “hates it when righteousness and religious freedom are championed. No wonder he and his minions have focused their hatred at Donald Trump.”

“God raised up this man to lead our nation and I believe Donald Trump will win a second term to complete the work he started—because I believe God has spoken,” he continued.

“I believe God has a plan for America,” Strang declared. “And I believe He raised up Donald Trump to help accomplish that plan. I believe God spoke to prophets over the years, telling them that He would play ‘the trump card.’”