Trump Jr. Goes Off On Anti-Trans Rant While Promoting His New Book ‘Triggered’ On ‘CBS This Morning’

Donald Trump Jr. used his Wednesday morning appearance on CBS This Morning to spew problematic rhetoric about transgender and gender-nonconforming athletes.

While promoting his new book Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us, President Trump’s eldest son pushed several false right-wing talking points about the House’s impeachment inquiry before turning his attention to the LGBT community.

When asked what he’s doing to personally doing to heal the country’s political divide, Trump Jr. angrily lashed out at trans athletes.

“I think we’re actually all pretty let — live and let live,” he began. “So is my father. But today, you know, it’s sort of the “woke” goalposts.”

“They keep moving,” he said. “The example I use in the book is obviously as it relates to, you know, trans women in sports. Identify how you want. I think it’s wonderful. I don’t care.”

He continued: “When you start saying, ‘Okay, I’m a man. I’ve become a woman. I’m now winning national championships, setting weightlifting world records,’ you know, displacing women who’ve worked their entire lives to get to a point in their careers, I think that’s wrong. And that’s the point.”

“The goalposts never stop moving,” he added.

As LGBTQ Nation notes, Trump Jr.’s “transphobic scaremongering about trans athletes entering women’s competitions is taken right out of the trans exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) playbook. Truth is that all athletes deserve the ability to compete, but neither Trump Jr. nor his father are interested in creating solutions and dialogue that would help make that happen — they’d just rather trans people weren’t a part of public life at all.”