Women Confronted By Angry Mob For Wearing KKK Halloween Costumes In Downtown LA

Two women dressed up as Ku Klux Klan members for Halloween and decided to parade their rage-inducing costumes around downtown Los Angeles.

It didn’t take long for the display to spark outrage and alarm.

One video shared to social media shows a woman demanding that the cloaked person take off her hood until someone finally rips it off her head.

The women were loudly booed as they attempted to seek refuge from the angry mob inside a smoke shop.

“Don’t ever wear that sh*t in your life,” said the female rapper Shatown Johnson to the hooded woman.

“You’re right,” replied the woman in the KKK costume after being confronted.

One of the women who confronted the insensitive trick-or-treaters took to Facebook to share her account about how things went down.

“I’m not a bully nor am I a killer but this type of shit needs to stop before somebody gets killed or we start a riot as people. Last night Two Mexican women walked down the streets of LA wearing KU KLUX KLAN outfits thinking shit was funny and “allegedly trying to scare ppl” so we snatched their mask off and had a little conversation,” wrote Ashley Williams, one of the people who confronted the women about the disrespectful costumes.

“This isn’t just disrespectful to black ppl but all people who fought for our rights this is disrespectful to our people my people your people (to the women). The same people you two are supporting is the same folks supporting deportation of your ppl…”