Musicians Drown Out Homophobic Preacher’s Hate Speech With Their Saxophones

A New York City street preacher was trying to warn passersby about “the homosexual community” when two student musicians decided to drown him out with their saxophones.

“The homosexual community has the highest suicide rate of any group,” the hate preacher could be heard shouting at Union Square Park last Friday.

Students Julian Roel and Augie Bello were playing nearby and decided to move a little closer when they heard his hate-filled rhetoric.

“I was running late to a meeting when I was passing through, so I only had two minutes to see what was up,” Filmmaker Nicolas Heller, who recorded the now-viral incident, told Queerty.

“This strapping young gent (who clearly gets laid regularly),” Heller wrote on Instagram, “is preaching that the LGBTQ community is going to burn in hell, so street musicians @augie_bello and @roel.julian offer some foreground instrumentals.”

Bello, who plays the saxophone on a Swagcycle in the video, wrote on Instagram: “Today @roel.julian and I were hanging and we stumbled upon some homophobic guy with a mic so we played over him. Shoutout to @newyorknico for capturing this moment.”

“What the video doesn’t show is what he said before we took out or saxophones,” Bello said. “He was saying all gays will burn in hell and that they will be in a ring of fire.”

“Julian and I were shocked that the video went viral, but it also makes us extremely happy to see how much support there is for the LGBTQ+ community.”