Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Mocks Boston ‘Straight Pride Parade’ As The ‘I-Struggle-With-Masculinity’ Parade

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Saturday called out the nearly all-male participants in Boston’s “Straight Pride Parade,” saying it should have been called the “I-Struggle-With-Masculinity” parade.

“For men who are allegedly so ‘proud’ of being straight, they seem to show real incompetence at attracting women to their event,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a tweet accompanied by a video showing marchers. “Seems more like a ‘I-Struggle-With-Masculinity’ parade to me.”

“Hope they grow enough over the next year to support / join LGBTQ family next #Pride,” the freshman lawmaker added.

In a subsequent tweet, the lawmaker asked for contributions to a bail fund for “activists who put themselves on the line protecting the Boston community.”

The “Straight Pride Parade,” which was organized by a group of three men, drew a massive contingent of counter-protesters and a heavy police presence, according to reports.

The video that Ocasio-Cortez linked to showed mostly men walking along the street waving American flags and holding signs that said, “Make Normalcy Normal Again.”

Other signs and floats expressed many messages that echoed President Trump’s own rhetoric.

One float had signs that read, “drain the swamp,” “secure America’s borders” and “Trump 2020.”

Boston Police Officer James Moccia, a department spokesman, told CNN that 34 people were arrested during the event.

Super Happy Fun America, the group that organized the parade, said on its website that the event was held to “achieve inclusivity and spread awareness of issues impacting straights.”

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh (D) denounced the parade on Twitter, calling on city residents to “continue to turn our backs on hatred.”