‘Straight Pride’ Parade Organizer Says He Represents A ‘Peaceful Racist Group’ To A Roar Of Laughter

The organizer of a so-called “Straight Pride Parade” in Modesto City, Calif., accidentally referred to his anti-gay coalition as a “totally peaceful racist group” during a contentious city council meeting.

Organizer Don Grundmann of the Straight Pride Coalition, an anti-gay group based in California, baselessly accused council members of justifying violence that occurred at one of the group’s past protests by referring to the group as “racist” and bigoted.

As Grundmann wagged a finger at council member Kristi Ah You for allegedly pulling “the race card,” he referred to his own group as “racist.”

“You pulled the race card to justify attacks against us in that park. When they come, you’re going to turn right around and say we deserved it,” Grundmann said, according to the Post.

“We haven’t done anything,” he reportedly continued. “We’re a totally peaceful racist group.”

The slip of the tongue was met with a chorus of laughter from attendees of the City Council meeting, as well as amusement from the council member Grundmann was lashing out at.

The councilwoman, Kristi Ah You, reportedly previously called the group “hateful, harmful, insincere, and dangerous” in a Facebook post.