Trump Unveils ‘LGBTQ For Trump’ Pride T-Shirts As He Prepares To Kill LGBTQ Protections

The Trump-Pence reelection campaign on Wednesday unveiled its official “Trump Pride Tee,” a T-Shirt with rainbow stripes and the slogan “LGBTQ FOR TRUMP.”

“Show your pride and your support for Trump with this exclusive equality tee,” declares the campaign website, hawking the shirt for $24.

The pride shirt announcement came on the same day the Trump administration announced policies that would bar transgender people from homeless shelters. And senior Trump administration officials told Axios on Friday that Trump is expected to announce a new policy in early July making it easier for adoption agencies to reject same-sex couples.

“The Trump Administration is trying to pull yet another con job on LGBTQ Americans, but like their other desperate ploys, this idea will fall flat,” noted Zeke Stokes, Chief Programs Officer for GLAAD. “Trump should hold the sales pitch and try issuing a statement honoring June as National Pride Month and the countless of LGBTQ Americans who fought tooth and nail for the level of acceptance our nation sees today.”

“Trump — who banned trans troops, is against LGBT employment protections, wants ppl to be able to turn away LGBT customers, & is denying citizenship to kids of US gay couples born out of wedlock — is selling LGBTQ for Trump shirts for Pride,” Buzzfeed Deputy Editor David Mack tweeted.

“Seriously, who in their right mind would wear this,” Twitter user @MarkGarrison1 questioned.