Right-Wing Hoaxer’s Presser About Fake Buttigieg Accuser Interrupted By Noisy Garbage Truck

Right-wing activists Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman held a disastrous front-porch press conference on Wednesday morning at Burkman’s Northern Virginia apartment that was temporarily upstaged when Burkman’s trash was loudly hauled away from the curb, drowning out the sound of his voice.

The presser comes just days after The Daily Beast exposed a scheme by Wohl and Burkman to smear Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg with false sexual assault allegations by a college student Hunter Kelly.

According to Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer, who attended and live-tweeted from the event, Burkman and Wohl claimed that Kelly would be present at the press conference, “even though he’s recanted and said Wohl and Burkman made it all up.”

“I asked Kelly whether he’d be here and he responded with a series of 😂emojis,” Sommer added.

Just before the press conference, Kelly issued a statement, calling Burkman and Wohl “chronic liars” and “fraudsters.” He said that he was in Michigan but “wished he could be there to see the embarrassment that is going to take place.”

Moving beyond Buttigieg, Burkman and Wohl announced that they intend to vet all the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls and offer them “the Wohl/Burkman seal of approval.” Burkman declared “we want you to think of this home as the center for election 2020.”

The press conference became an unintentional parody of itself when the press conference was interrupted by a noisy garbage truck.

Playboy’s Washington Correspondent Alex Thomas tweeted: “I can’t make this up, Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl are trying to give this press conference and you can’t hear them because Burkman’s trash is being taken away.”