Trump Unleashes Racist Rant: Migrants Will ‘Shoot You, They’ll Take Over Your House’

President Donald Trump on Wednesday turned a roundtable with supporters in San Antonio, Texas, into a forum for venting his frustrations about undocumented immigrants and the country’s need for his long-promised border wall.

Trump told reporters that if he allowed migrants to cross freely into the United States, they would murder American citizens and steal their cars and homes.

‘Supposedly I said let’s have an open border,” Trump told reporters, “They’ll flood your houses. They’ll shoot you. They’ll take over your house. They’ll take your car and they’ll probably stay there.”

Reacting to the clip on MSNBC, Former Florida Republican Congressman David Jolly said the president is a true “sociopath.”

“That’s a damning clip you just played there and the reason why is it represents a sociopathy,” said Jolly on Friday. “I hate to use the term, because of what it conjures up.”

“If Donald Trump truly believes that, that these caravans are full of gangs and thugs and criminals,” said Jolly, “and then at the same time his administration is suggesting releasing these people into cities run by his political adversaries, that is suggesting the president, Steven Miller, and his administration is willing to increase the likelihood of crime in communities run by Democrats.” Jolly was referring to a Trump administration proposal to release immigrants into so-called “sanctuary cities” as a way to retaliate against Democrats.

“That’s an element of sociopathy that has to be discussed,” he continued. “The president either doesn’t believe his own rhetoric or if he does, he is considering a plan that truly represents a new low.”

“This story has legs,” Jolly added, saying the speed with which it was “independently confirmed” and the timeline of “turnovers at DHS” demonstrated it was true.

“The president truly believes that he has an opportunity to deploy people that he believes are not heartbroken families seeking opportunity, but are gangs of criminals into cities across the country,” he said.

Trump also told reporters on Wednesday that the perilous journey thousands of migrants are making each month is nothing compared to “the time I made my first speech at Trump Tower, when I mentioned the word ‘rape’ and everybody went crazy.”

“From the time I made my first speech at Trump Tower, when I mentioned the word ‘rape’ and everybody went crazy because – that turned out to be nothing compared to what happens on those journeys up nothing. My speech was so tame as it turned out,” Trump told reporters.

Trump said one of his donors told him, “Many, many people are dying. They are dying all over our fields.”

“They’re dying on their fields. All over,” the president continued. “They go over, they find bodies lying all over the field, including many pregnant women. Many pregnant women. They give them a little water: ‘Go out and start walking. Walk to Dallas.’ And Dallas is 250 miles away. It’s really bad. ”