Woman Admits To Spray-Painting Pro-Trump, Racist, And Anti-LGBT Messages: ‘Every Race But White Will Die’

A Trump-supporting Oklahoma woman has reportedly been arrested after confessing to a spree of racist vandalism that targeted black, transgender and Jewish residents in two towns.

Allison Christine Johnson of Norman, Okla., was charged Monday with felony and misdemeanor vandalism as well as malicious intimidation or harassment after turning herself in to police, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Police said Johnson has admitted to scrawling white supremacist messages such as “every race but white will die” and other messages reportedly indicating support for President Trump, including some that read “Trump 2020.”

Johnson is expected to face more charges for similar vandalism in Oklahoma City, according to the Post.

Police in Norman told the paper that Johnson targeted an arts center, a local Democratic Party office and several local businesses and churches with racist and neo-Nazi imagery and messages. Glass doors and pavement outside the building were spray-painted with Nazi symbols and hate messages that included “Gas the Jews,” “White planet only. Gas the rest,” “Democrats N****r Trannies,” “Go to Germany Weimer degenerates,” and swastikas.

She is currently being held in jail on a $25,000 bond.

Norman’s District Attorney, Greg Mashburn, told The Norman Transcript that his office considered charging Johnson with making terrorist threats, but decided that insufficient evidence existed to prove an intent to cause physical harm.

“We started there when looking at the charges. We went to the statute, but the statute says ‘committing acts of violence to intimidate a civilian population,’ and she did not really commit an act of violence to intimidate the population,” Mashburn told the Transcript. “Absolutely hate speech, absolutely a crime, but not necessarily a terroristic threat.”

During interviews with investigators, she described “in detail” the actions for which she is now charged.

“Allison said that her intention was to scare Jewish people, and people of different races, other than white,” the affidavit states. “Allison spoke at length about her racist beliefs and her efforts to ‘wake people up.’”