Trump Supporters Yell Racist Slurs, Beat Teens In Racist Waffle House Attack: ‘He Was Drenched In Blood’

Two teenagers were viciously attacked at an Ohio Waffle House late last month in what police believe was a racially motivated attack, reports the Bloomington News.

According to the news outlet, two men allegedly yelled racist slurs and physically attacked two customers at the restaurant in Bowling Green on March 31.

One of the victims reported that the attackers said President Donald Trump would deal with immigrants like them.

Bowling Green Police said the alleged assailants — Jacob Dick, 22, and Zachary Keller, 21 — have been charged with assault and ethnic intimidation.

“As soon as we walked into the Waffle House, they started saying ‘here come the s—-.’ And telling us how Trump was going to take care of us immigrants,” said Justin Hartford, one of the victims of the attack.

He claims the attackers yelled the N-word repeatedly at them.

At one point, employees reportedly attempted to physically stand between the suspects and the victims.

“We weren’t saying anything to them. That’s the craziest thing,” Hartford claimed. “It was based on just the way we looked. That is so messed up – who cares what anybody looks like.”

Police talked with one of the customers in Waffle House at the time, who also stated the victims did nothing to provoke the attack.

“It was making me uncomfortable,” Hartford said. “I’ve been discriminated against before, but not anything like this. You’d expect this from somewhere in the south. But we’re in Ohio.”

Bloomington News reports:

Hartford and Ramirez asked to move to another table further from the men using the slurs. After Hartford and Ramirez moved, and the table of men seemed to calm, some of the Waffle House employees went outside for a break.

Dick and Keller then came up to pay their bill, an employee said. The men were identified by the credit card Dick used to pay, and by another patron in the restaurant. After they finished paying, the employee said Dick and Keller abruptly went over to Hartford and Ramirez’s table and began assaulting them. The employee stated again that the two victims did nothing to provoke the attack.

“As soon as he pays, he runs up and punches me in the face,” said Hartford, who goes to Liberty Benton High School. “It all came so fast. I was just getting hit and hit.”

By the time the attack was over, “he was drenched in blood,” Hartford said of his friend.

“I’ve never been hated on like that,” Ramirez said.