Conway Urges Fox News Viewers To Read New Zealand Killer’s Manifesto, Defends Him As ‘Not A Nazi’

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Monday urged Fox News viewers to read the suspected New Zealand mosque shooter’s white supremacist manifesto in a botched attempt to distance President Donald Trump from the shooting suspect that left at least 50 people dead.

On “Fox & Friends” Monday morning, Conway invited Americans to “read the entire” 74-page manifesto, which had a stated goal to indoctrinate its readers and dog-whistle fellow extremists, reports HuffPost.

Conway dismissed the fact that the suspect named Trump in his manifesto as a “symbol of white identity and common purpose.”

Excerpt from suspected shooter’s 74-page manifesto

“He put out a 70-page manifesto, and I guess everybody scoured it and searched for Donald Trump’s name, and there it is one time,” she said.

Then Conway defended the killer as “not a Nazi.”

“But he also said he aligns closely with the ideology of China, he’s not a conservative, he’s not a Nazi, I think he referred to himself as an ‘eco-naturalist’ or ‘eco-fascist.’ People should read [the manifesto] in its entirety,” she added.

Trump last week echoed the killer’s talking points when he referred to immigrants attempting to cross the southern border as invaders.

“People hate the word invasion, but that’s what it is,” Trump told reporters. “It’s an invasion of drugs, and criminals, and people. We have no idea who they are.