Methodist Churches Across U.S. Are Publicly Rebelling Against Their Leadership’s Anti-LGBTQ Stance

Churches across the United State are publicly displaying their outrage over the General Conference of the United Methodist Church vote last week to reaffirm their teaching that homosexuality is “incompatible” with Christianity and to punish individual churches that perform marriages for same-sex couples and allow LGBTQ clergy.

In response to the vote, individual churches nationwide began displaying pro-LGBTQ signs welcoming members of the LGBTQ into their houses of worship.

Here is just a sample of the growing list of rainbow signs churches have displayed since the vote.

The Grace United Methodist Church covered up the words “United Methodist” in their sign with rainbows.

The First and Summerfield United Methodist Church in Connecticut displayed a rainbow “Welcome” sign:

The North United Methodist Church in Indianapolis displayed rainbow doors outside their church:

The First United Methodist Church in Medford, Oregon, put up a sign that read, “We denounce the immoral decision of the Global UM Church. We stand with LGBTQ unconditionally.”

The First United Methodist Church of Park Ridge in Illinois covered the word “United” in their sign with rainbow flags.

We took this action “to acknowledge the deep division in our denomination over ministries of full inclusion with LGBTQIA persons,” according to Pastor David Aslesen.

The Clifton United Methodist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, wrote on their church sign, “No matter what the denomination says, God loves you. We do too.”

The Smoky Hill United Methodist Church in Colorado wrote on their sign, “Love is inclusive, All are Welcome.”

The Foundry United Methodist Church in D.C. wrapped their building in a giant rainbow banner.

The Dayspring United Methodist Church in Arizona covered up the words “United Methodist Church” in its sign with black cloth to show they were mourning the “sad demise of a denomination.”