Trump Bear Hugs US Flag Before Delivering An Expletive-Laden, Southern-Accent-Mocking Rant At CPAC

President Trump on Saturday gave the American flag a bear hug as he walked on stage at the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

During his fifth appearance at the gathering and his third since entering office, Trump delivered an expletive-laden campaign-style speech in his first public appearance since his second summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un fell apart on Thursday.

Trump affected a mock southern accent to ridicule his former attorney general Jeff Sessions to some cries of delight from the crowd.

“And the attorney general says ‘I’m gonna recuse myself,’ ” Trump said, appearing to imitate Sessions’s accent as the crowd booed.

Flailing his arms and changing his voice, Trump re-enacted his call for Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails and claimed he was only being sarcastic and was misunderstood by the media.

“If you say something like Russia, please, if you can, it is Hillary Clinton’s emails! Please, Russia, please! Please, get us the emails! Please!” Trump said. “Then the fake CNN and others say, he asked Russia to go get the emails.”