Andi Mack Makes LGBT History With Disney’s First Character To Say, “I’m Gay”

Andi Mack‘s Cyrus Goodman has made history by becoming the first Disney character to say, “I’m gay”.

In Friday’s episode of the show, entitled “One in a Minyan,” the character Cyrus found the courage to come out to his friend Jonah Beck.

Cyrus revealed his sexuality at his grandmother’s mourning service, acquainting Jonah with his family’s different Jewish foods before confessing: “That’s gefilte fish – skip that – and I’m gay.”

After Cyrus admits his sexuality, Jonah responds with a supportive, “Yeah? Okay, cool.”

You can watch a behind-the-scenes clip of Cyrus’ coming out moment, below:

DigitalSpy notes: “Cyrus had previously come out as gay to friends Andi and Buffy but refrained from telling Jonah because he had a crush on him. This is the first time, however, that a Disney character has actually said the words ‘I’m gay.’ ”

Joshua Rush, the actor who plays Cyrus, took to Twitter to praise the history making scene, writing: “Every day is a blessing working on this show. This milestone is just another stitch in a rich and vibrant tapestry that is Cyrus Goodman.”

The episode was written by openly gay Jewish writer Jonathan Hurwitz.

Hurwitz told GLAAD, “As someone who’s Jewish, has dealt with long-term anxiety, and has come out to his friends and family, I had a very personal stake in this one…. [We] sought to ensure that we treated the portrayal of the Shiva, Jonah’s panic attack, and Cyrus’ coming out with the deepest care and respect.”

Disney fans celebrated the coming out moment, with one writing: “I’m actually in tears rn Disney channel literally had Cyrus say ‘I’m gay’.

“Like it’s so explicit and there’s no way for it to be misinterpreted and they handled the scene so well and played it out as something you can tell someone when you’re ready and wtf I’m so happy.”


In 2014, Disney featured a lesbian same-sex couple in its live-action sitcom series Good Luck Charlie.

In 2017, the Disney Channel’s animated action series Star vs. the Forces of Evil featured a same-sex kiss in the background.

The upcoming Disney film Jungle Cruise will reportedly feature the first openly gay character in a full-length Disney live-action feature film.