Steve Harvey Incorrectly Assumed ‘Family Feud’ Contestant Was Straight, Leading To His Perfect Response

Family Feud contestant Boone Kizer has gone viral after leaving the show’s host Steve Harvey speechless after he incorrectly assumed he was straight when asking about the attractiveness of his romantic partner.

Boone Kinzer and his ‘Family Feud’ teammates pose with host Steve Harvey (Credit: Facebook)

In the now viral clip, Harvey begins by asking Kizer, “Are you married?”

“No,” Kizer responds.

“Are you dating somebody?” the host asks.

“Yes,” Kizer responds.

“She lookin’ pretty good?” Harvey asks.

“He’s lookin’ pretty good!” Kizer fires back, drawing applause and cheers from his teammates and audience members, and a stunned look from Harvey.

“I can still answer, though,” Makings said as Harvey still looked stunned.

“Yeah, it ain’t no problem,” Harvey responds. “Sue me, but I’m here,” he added.

The family went on to win $20,000.

Boone Kizer, Chair, Washington CountyPublic Health Advisory Council

Harvey has previously said that gay men cannot be “real men.”

However, he did also say he didn’t understand how anyone could abandon their child for being queer when Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy appeared on a special Celebrity Family Feud episode.