Actor Matt Dallas Reveals TV Execs Told Him Not To Publicly Come Out As Gay Or Risk Ruining His Career

Matt Dallas revealed executives of his hit alien drama Kyle XY told him not to publicly come out as gay.

The 36-year-old is now opening up about his struggle to keep his sexuality a secret under the ultimatum of a successful career on his latest vlog with his husband, Blue Hamilton.

“When I first started seeing success from Kyle XY,” began Dallas, “I was told to stay in the closet, not talk about my sexuality, to be on every red carpet with a girl on my arm because you could not be successful if you were openly gay in the entertainment industry, at least in front of the camera.”

“I wish I had not have taken that advice. I’m not sure how that would’ve affected my career then because it was a very different time,” he continued.

“Because of the advice that was given to me to stay in the closet, I became very disconnected from who I was, and there’s a lot of residual stuff that to this day that I still deal with where I find myself [thinking] ‘oh, I sound too gay’ or ‘I’m acting too gay’ because it was so drilled into my brain,” he added.

Dallas didn’t come out publicly until 2013 when he announced his engagement to his current husband. The two now have a son together.

Matt Dallas publicly came out in 2013 when he announced his engagement to his current husband.

The couple tied the knot in July 2015.

In December of that same year, the husbands announced they adopted son Crow, who was two years old at the time.