Trump Jr.’s Attempt To School Democratic Congresswomen On Patriotism Hilariously Backfires

Donald Trump Jr. launched an attack on the group of Democratic congresswomen who wore all-white ensembles to make a striking visual statement about how the Trump administration has handled issues important to women, from health care to equal pay.

The president’s eldest son took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a photo of the congresswomen in white with overlayed text that read: “NOT ONE AMERICAN FLAG PIN AMONG THEM.”

“Speaks for itself and no one is at all surprised,” Trump Jr. wrote in the tweet alongside the photo.

In response to the tweet, Andrew Kimmel, founder of AuraNexus Media and BuzzFeed News’ former head of live video, correctly noted, “wearing a pin doesn’t make you patriotic.”

“The actions you take that push the country forward is what makes you a patriot,” Kimmel continued. “Your nepotistic family is taking us backwards and making our enemies stronger.”

“Treason is serious Junior,” he added.

The journalist also shared a photo of Trump Jr., his siblings Eric, Tiffany and Ivanka and their partners at the SOTU last night, appearing to show that none of them were wearing an American flag pin.

“This is so true-to-form,” Kimmel joked. “@DonaldJTrumpJr has one of the greatest self-owns of the year.”