WV EMS Director Imagines Trump’s Wall With Severed Heads Of Black People In Facebook Post

A West Virginia emergency services administrator was suspended after posting a racially-charged picture on Facebook showing a white man posing next to dark-skinned, decapitated heads and referencing President Trump’s southern border wall.

Mark Wilson, the Assistant Director of the Raleigh County Emergency Operations Services, posted the offensive picture Saturday of a white man in a suit standing next to the severed heads of multiple dark-skinned men with the caption, “Be thankful Donald Trump is building the wall! Mine would look more like this!”

Screenshot: Facebook

The Beckley, West Virginia, EMS administrator’s social media post, which has since been taken down, immediately sparked backlash online and resulted in his suspension.

Newsweek notes:

Wilson’s Facebook post shows the post-decapitation picture in the background of the smiling white man. It is unclear what era the picture is from, but the photo is presented in a 19th Century or early 20th Century format.

An EMS director in Raleigh County, John Zilinski, told WVNS-TV the post will be disciplined through the agency’s standard rules.

“Right now Raleigh County Emergency Services Authority is following their guidelines for disciplinary procedures in this matter. We are following it as far as the investigation and any disciplinary action that might follow,” Zilinski said in a statement Sunday. “As said in our press release, this agency has a mission. We have a mission to uphold, to protect the lives and the property of all the residents in Raleigh County and all of its visitors.”

Zilinski said they have started an investigation and Wilson has been placed on administrative leave because of the post.

Raleigh County Commissioner, Byrd White, weighed in with his personal reaction to the post.

“I think that post was disgusting and showed very poor judgement,” Byrd said.