House Intel Chair Wants To Send Mueller Trump Jr.’s Testimony To Look Into Possible ‘Perjury Prosecution’

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that he will send transcripts of its previous questioning of Donald Trump Jr. to special counsel Robert Mueller so he can consider whether to pursue perjury charges against the president’s son.

‘This Week’ host George Stephanopoulos asked the California congressman about allegations from his fellow committee member Jackie Speier, accusing Trump Jr. of lying to the intelligence body.

“Your colleague on the committee, …Congresswoman Jackie Speier, told CNN that she believes that Donald Trump Jr. lied to your committee on at least two occasions,” Stephanopoulos said. “Do you agree?”

“Well, I’d like the special counsel to have access to Don Jr.’s testimony and determine whether it is evidence of—of false statements,” Schiff responded. “I greatly appreciate the seriousness with which the special counsel takes lying to Congress,” he added, “so I’ll let Bob Mueller be the judge of that.”

Schiff explained that the Intelligence Committee will send copies of Trump Jr.’s interview transcripts to Mueller’s team.

“One of the first acts, if not the first act, of our committee will be to send all of these transcripts of all the witnesses to Bob Mueller so that he can consider whether additional perjury charges are warranted,” the congressman explained. Although he said Mueller already had access to the documents, he pointed out that the committee wants the investigation to be able to “use them for whatever purpose including perjury prosecution or witness intimidation or obstruction of justice.”

Newsweek notes:

Some of Trump Jr.’s testimony to the members of Congress has been disputed by others indicted by Mueller’s ongoing probe into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and allegations that the president’s campaign team colluded with Moscow. While the president’s son told the committee that he did not inform his father about a now infamous Trump Tower meeting, which involved individuals linked to the Kremlin, Michael Cohen, who previously served as Trump’s lawyer has reportedly disputed that claim.

Cohen is now cooperating with Mueller as a part of a plea agreement. The ex-Trump attorney pled guilty late last year to charges involving campaign finance violations, tax evasion and lying to Congress. At the end of December, former federal prosecutor and CNN legal analyst Elie Honig said Trump Jr. should be concerned.

“When Michael Cohen pled guilty a few of weeks ago to making the hush money payments, the campaign finance violations, the papers referenced ‘executive 1’ and ‘executive 2’ within the Trump Organization. If either of those are Donald Trump Jr. he could be in trouble,” Koning said.

“He also has potential exposure for lying to Congress about the Moscow project, which is another thing Michael Cohen pled guilty to. We could also have indictments there,” he added.

Schiff told Stephanopoulos on Sunday that “it’s clear that Mueller’s work is not yet done.”