Mr. ‘Art Of The Deal’ Caves To Dems, Agrees To End His 35-Day Shutdown Without Border Wall Money

President Trump said Friday he will back a short-term funding bill to reopen the federal government through February 15.

The deal, which does not include funds to construct a wall along the southern border, ends the longest government shutdown in history, which has left nearly 800,000 federal employees for weeks without paying jobs.

“I am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and re-open the federal government,” Trump said in remarks from the Rose Garden on the 35th day of the shutdown.

“As everyone knows I have a very powerful alternative but I’m not going to use it at this time,” Trump said. “Hopefully it will be unnecessary.”

Trump also delivered a graphic rant about women who have had “duct tape put around their mouths” and being “tied up” in the backs of vans by human traffickers and then driven across the border.

Trump’s demand for more than $5 billion to fund the wall triggered the partial government shutdown that began on Dec. 22.

The announcement came just hours after a shortage air traffic controllers, who said they have been overworked and exhausted by the shutdown, caused delays and flight stoppage across the country.

Rep. Anthony Brown tweeted on Friday: “Let’s get another thing straight. Trump caved. He listened to Democrats and agreed to open the government before negotiating. This is a win, but the damage to fed workers and contractors, their families, and our country is done. This was shameful and should never happen again.”