Tomi Lahren Says Trump Deserves ‘Credit’ For Eating Fast Food Even Though He’s Rich And Privileged

On Wednesday’s Fox & Friends, contributor and conservative commentator Tomi Lahren claimed that President Trump should be getting more praise for the fast-food buffet he hosted at the White House to honor the Clemson University football team’s College Football National Championship win.

“Donald Trump eats this kind of food himself, so, for those always criticizing him for his wealth and his privilege, you would think that they’d give him credit for eating inexpensive meals like much of the rest of the country,” Lahren said. “But, they can’t give this president credit for anything.”

Lahren and Fox & Friends pointed to President Barack Obama and occasional trips he made to fast-food restaurants through the years to make their case.

“It’s important to note, if President Obama did this, he would be considered hip and accessible,” Lahren said.

Much of the criticism surrounding the fast food banquet came after Trump misrepresented the number of burgers given out in a tweet and bragged that he paid for it. Trump also initially misspelled hamburgers as “hamberders.”

“The Trump-deranged crowd will really attack this president over anything, even Big Macs and pizza, because they are that petty and they are that pathetic,” Lahren said.

Lahren said that this discussion about fast food is really just a distraction from the current government shutdown.

“Guys, this has nothing to do with fast food and everything to do with the fact that this president is winning the argument on the shutdown and the border wall,” Lahren said. “And they have to deflect as something as stupid as fast food to attack the guy.”