‘Just Plain Racist’: Trump Mocks Sen. Warren By Invoking One Of The Worst Native American Massacres

President Donald Trump is facing criticism once again for taunting Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) over her Native American heritage.

On Sunday night, Trump said the 2020 presidential hopeful should have filmed a commercial “from Bighorn or Wounded Knee” in “full Indian garb”.

Wounded Knee was one of the worst native massacres in US history.

The Washington Post notes:

One hundred years after U.S. soldiers killed and maimed hundreds of Sioux men, women and children at the Wounded Knee massacre, Congress formally apologized in 1990 by expressing its “deep regret on behalf of the United States.”

Ruth Hopkins, a Dakota/Lakota Sioux writer and tribal attorney, said the president’s jibe was “cold, callous and just plain racist”.

“+300 of my people were massacred at Wounded Knee. Most were women and children,” tweeted Hopkins. “This isn’t funny, it’s cold, callous, and just plain racist.”

The president also repeated his “Pocahontas” jab, ignoring calls from politicians on both sides of the aisle, historians and Native American groups to stop using the name to attack the senator’s claims of American Indian heritage.

One user, a Lakota tribe member and army veteran, was also outraged by the president’s remarks:

Another said she was “angry and sickened” by Trump’s tweet: