Jared Polis Sworn In As Colorado Governor, Becoming First Openly Gay Governor In Nation

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) became the first openly gay man to be sworn in as governor on Tuesday.

Thousands of Coloradans turned out for the historic inauguration ceremony in Denver, where Polis was joined by his partner, Marlon Reis, and other state leaders.

“Right now, our nation is experiencing a period of growing divisive and rising tribalism,” Polis said. “But here in Colorado, we choose a different path. Here, we have come so far, we have climbed so high, we have done so much, not just to say but to show that we reject the negative and divisive brand of politics.”

Polis, 43, added that the state has “decided to celebrate our differences,” which he argued “make us a stronger Colorado for all.”

As The Hill notes, Polis is the first openly gay man to be sworn in as governor, but is not the first openly gay governor. Former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevy came out as gay while in office in 2004, and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is openly bisexual.