Melania Will Not Be Joining Donald Trump In DC For New Year’s Eve, Will Ring In 2019 At Mar-A-Lago Gala

Melania Trump will reportedly be at Mar-a-Lago for the New Year celebrations.

A spokeswoman for the first lady confirmed that the first couple would be spending New Year’s Eve apart, reported CNN journalist Kate Bennett.

Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s acting Chief-of-Staff, reportedly confirmed to Fox & Friends on Sunday that Trump would be staying put in the nation’s capital for the countdown to midnight as he continues to deal the government shutdown, which has entered its 10th day.

“He’s canceled his plans for Christmas — now he’s canceled his plans for New Year’s,” Mulvaney said.

Romper reports:

But Melania reportedly hasn’t canceled her plans. A source told Hollywood Life over the weekend that Melania will reportedly attend the annual New Year’s Eve gala at Mar-a-Lago on Monday without her husband. The bash is super opulent, according to Rolling Stone — tickets to the party cost $1,000 a piece, which is a pretty price to pay to party with the president (or at least, party with his family members). And even Trump’s children could be in attendance. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka; her husband, Jared Kushner; and their kids are also in Mar-a-Lago for the holidays, according to USA Today.

Melania has reportedly been in Florida since Thursday, according to the New York Post. And although she has been there for a few days, she could easily change her plans at the last minute to be with her husband to ring in the new year — just like she did for Christmas.

“I am in the Oval Office & just gave out a 115 mile long contract for another large section of the Wall in Texas,” Trump tweeted Monday morning. “We are already building and renovating many miles of Wall, some complete. Democrats must end Shutdown and finish funding. Billions of Dollars, & lives, will be saved!”

However, Playboy White House correspondent Brian Karem fired back at Trump on Twitter for blatantly lying about being in the Oval Office, CBS News reports.

Karem, who was at the White House on Monday, said he noticed that there was currently no Marine sentry standing guard outside the Oval Office door when Trump issued the tweet.

As USA Today notes:

If you’re ever at the White House and want to know if the president is at work, there’s an easy way to tell. If a Marine sentry is at the door of the West Wing, the president is inside.

“POTUS tweet minutes ago claimed he was in the Oval Office. No marine there so that’s another lie. ⁦,” Karem tweeted.