‘Fox & Friends’ Panel Jokes That Dems Would ‘Like A Muslim Transgender Candidate’ But Will Make Do With Biden

‘Fox & Friends’ had a good laugh on Thursday over the growing list of Democratic contenders for president in 2020, cracking jokes about the “intersectional field.”

“What’s Beto’s real name?” asked Fox & Friends guest host Katie Pavlich. “It’s Robert Francis.”

“It’s not exotic enough,” said Fox News contributor and singer Mark Steyn.

“It’s not intersectional enough,” Pavlich said.

“They’re looking for someone more intersectional,” Steyn continued. “They’d like a Muslim transgender candidate, but they’re gonna have to make do with Joe Biden!”

The set erupted with laughter, before moving on to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Mediaite notes that Steyn has made a transgender joke earlier this month during an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight: