Sen. Lindsey Graham On Chelsea Handler Outing Him: ‘To The Extent That It Matters, I’m Not Gay’

TMZ confronted Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) at Reagan National Airport on Friday, asking him to respond to a tweet from comic Chelsea Handler playing off of longstanding rumors that he is gay.

On Thursday, Handler tweeted: “If you’re wondering why Republicans took a sick day today, it’s probably because it’s #NationalComingOutDay. Looking at you @LindseyGrahamSC”

“It’s a free country, she can say whatever she wants to say, I don’t care,” Graham said.

“She knows zero about me,” Graham continued. “To the extent that it matters, I’m not gay.”

“These comments … I don’t know how this makes us a better country.”

Handler was criticized for her tweet “outing” Graham:

Sen. Graham told his colleagues last month that he “will not shut up” even though he is a “single white man” during an executive meeting about Brett Kavanaugh and his nomination to the Supreme Court.

“I know I’m a single white male from South Carolina, and I’m told I should shut up, but I will not shut up, if that’s OK. Because I got here the same way anyone else did, ” said Graham, before launching into a long-winded speech.

In 2015, Graham said he’s not “defective” because he’s single. While he’s “been close once” to marrying a woman, he’s unsure why he never did so.

“If you are looking for Camelot, I’m not your guy,” Graham said in an interview, according to Politico. “If you’re looking for glitz and glamour, I’m probably the worst choice in the bunch. If you are looking for a determined person to be president, I think I can fill that bill.”