Alex Jones Calls Marco Rubio Gay After Senator Threatened To Take Out Infowars Host

InfoWars host Alex Jones and GOP Sen. Marco Rubio clashed Wednesday outside a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing after Jones touched the senator on the shoulder, prompting Rubio to fire back “don’t touch me man.”

“Who is this clown,” Rubio asked after Jones repeatedly interrupted his interview with other reporters, “a heckler at a press gaggle?”

Jones made fun of Rubio’s answers before touching the senator’s shoulder.

“Don’t touch me man,” Rubio warned.

“I can take care of myself, I don’t need security.” Rubio added.

“Marco Rubio just threatened to beat me up,” Jones told a camera trailing him around on Capitol Hill.

“I didn’t say that,” Rubio told nearby reporters.

“You guys can talk to this clown,” Rubio said.

Jones called Rubio “gay” shortly after the senator departed.

“It’s OK that Rubio’s gay and he has to act tough,” Jones said according to Newsweek.

Newsweek adds:

Jones, who earlier said he was looking “to face his accusers” at the Wednesday hearing, continued to bash Rubio after the senator left. He referenced a 2016 “bathhouse” story about Rubio, which Jones said indicated the senator was possibly homosexual.

“But he doesn’t know about Infowars being banned. I wonder why Rubio got so mad at me he threatened to hit me. Poor Rubio…. It’s OK that Rubio is gay…he’s probably attracted to me,” Jones said.