This Felon Threatened To Carry Out Another Pulse Attack. He Was Just Accidentally Released From Jail.

A man charged with threatening to carry out another Pulse-style attack in Chicago was accidentally released from Cook County Jail this week, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Officials say an apparent communication breakdown between the state’s attorney’s office and the sheriff’s office led to Shane Sleeper’s release on Tuesday night.

Sleeper, 31, was arrested in February and initially charged with misdemeanor charges of obstructing and resisting a peace officer, according to Cara Smith, policy chief for Cook County Sherif Tom Dart.

On Tuesday, the misdemeanor charges were dropped and felony charges of state terrorism, hate crime and harassment were filed against Sleeper, according to state’s attorney’s office spokesman Robert Foley. Sleeper was ordered held without bail.

In one of his threats, Sleeper allegedly said “Orlando will come to Chicago,’’ an apparent reference to the deadly mass shooting at the 2016 Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Smith said the sheriff’s office only knew of the misdemeanor charges that were being dismissed on Tuesday and were not aware about the new felony charges being filed against Sleeper that same day.

“Preliminarily, it appears that the only cases he was being held on were dismissed and the sheriff’s office was never notified of any additional charges that were brought,’’ Smith said. “We were never notified. Our phones are on 24 hours a day. We complied with the only court order we received.”

But Foley fired back at Smith’s assertions, saying that the sheriff’s office is responsible for custody of defendants.

“Mr. Sleeper was in custody when the sheriff’s office brought him to court yesterday,’’ Foley said in emailed statement. “He was arraigned in a felony trial courtroom, where he was assigned a no-bail status and left in the custody of the sheriff’s office.”

Update: Shane Sleeper was taken into custody Thursday afternoon, two days after he was accidentally released from Cook County Jail, officials said.