‘Young Fascists-In-Training’: Alex Jones Releases Video Depicting Parkland Survivors As Hitler Youth

InfoWars’ Alex Jones is warning his followers that the Parkland massacre survivors who organized this past weekend’s March for Our Lives are really just “young fascists-in-training” who are demanding that “that government authoritarians strip away the civil liberties of all law-abiding Americans in the name of ‘gun control.'”

Jones shared a video on today’s episode of The Alex Jones Show featuring Parkland survivor David Hogg’s speech at March For Our Lives dubbed over with an Adolf Hitler speech. The edited clip also featured clips of Hitler Youth giving a Nazi salute.

The clip also featured Parkland survivor and March for Our Lives co-founder Emma González:

On the day of the march, InfoWars published an article warning readers that the “fascist” Parkland survivors are trying to take away their guns and that Hogg was “outright calling for all gun owners to be exterminated by the government.”

Just like Hitler Youth enthusiasts, these fascists-in-training are told they’re “saving lives” for “a better future,” and that the only thing standing in their way is a bunch of violent gun owners who want to murder every baby in sight. (The irony of all these left-wingers actually condoning the abortion murder of babies, of course, is completely missed in all this.)

Infowars.com screengrab

What none of these children are being told, of course, is that Hitler took away gun rights from the Jews before exterminating six million of them in the Holocaust. It’s so much easier to commit genocide, Hitler discovered, when the people you’re tying to murder can’t fight back.

Echoing the madness of the Third Reich, the propagandist-in-chief of today’s lunatic Left anti-gun movement is David Hogg, a profanity-laced, foulmouthed student who is seething with anger and seems forever on the verge of outright calling for all gun owners to be exterminated by the government.