Trump Evangelical Adviser: We Don’t Need A Flu Shot Because ‘Jesus Himself Gave Us’ One Already

Gloria Copeland, a member of President Trump’s evangelical executive advisory board, told followers in a newly released video there is no such thing as a “flu season” and to reject warnings that “everybody’s getting the flu” because “Jesus himself gave us the flu shot.”

“We don’t have a flu season and don’t receive it when somebody threatens you with ‘everybody’s getting the flu,’ ” Copeland said in a video clip posted online by Right Wing Watch.

“We’ve already had our shot: He bore our sicknesses and carried our diseases. That’s what we stand on. And by his stripes, we were healed.”

Copeland, who co-founded the Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Texas with her husband, said she is praying for every person who has symptoms of the flu.

“I’m asking you lord, by your supernatural power, to heal them now from the top of their head to the soles of their feet … Jesus himself gave us the flu shot. He redeemed us from the curse of flu,” she said.

“And we receive it, and we take it, and we are healed by his stripes.”

“By his stripes, we were healed,” she repeated.

“If you said, ‘Well I don’t have any symptoms of the flu.’ Well great, that’s the way it’s supposed to be,” she said.

“Just keep saying that: “I’ll never have the flu. I’ll never have the flu.’ Put words, inoculate yourself with the word of God. He himself bore my sicknesses, carried my diseases, and by his stripes I was healed. I am healed.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 53 children have died of the flu this season and has sent more people to the hospital than any other time in recent history.