US Saw An 86% Increase In Anti-LGBTQ Violence Since Trump Took Office, Report Finds

The New York City Anti-Violence Project’s (NCAVP) annual Crisis of Hate report shows an alarming rise of hate-based killings of LGBTQ people, the highest the organization has recorded in its 20-year history of tracking this data.

NCAVP, a coalition of 40 community-based anti-violence groups, reported that the U.S. saw an 86 percent increase in hate violence homicides last year, making 2017 the deadliest year yet for the LGBTQ community.

“There are more instances of violence because the climate in the country has changed” said Beverly Tillery, executive director of the Anti-Violence Project.

“Trump won the election by saying it was time to take back America for people feeling pushed out by LGBTQ people, immigrants and people of color,” Tillery told HuffPost.

“It was a tactical move to attack those communities,” she added. “It worked, and there are more instances of violence because the climate in the country has changed. It has given an opening for people to feel like they can commit acts of hate-based violence without much repercussion.”

“In just August of 2017, NCAVP had recorded the highest number of anti-LGBTQ homicides in our 20-year history of tracking this information, and decided to release a mid year report to raise awareness of this striking increase,” the NCAVP noted. “Since the release of the Crisis of Hate report in August of 2017, the number of reported homicides continued to increase, reaching a total of 52 reported anti-LGBTQ homicides in all of 2017. This report provides a comprehensive look at all 52 of the hate violence, anti-LGBTQ homicides NCAVP reported in 2017.”

Other key findings:

•The victims of these hate violence related homicides have overwhelmingly been transgender women and queer, bi, or gay cisgender men.

• There was a significant increase of reports of homicides of queer, bi, or gay cisgender men, from 4 reports in 2016 to 20 reports in 2017.

• For the last five years, NCAVP has documented a consistent and steadily rising number of reports of homicides of transgender women of color, which continued into 2017.

• In 2017, NCAVP collected information on 27 hate-violence related homicides of transgender and gender non-conforming people this year, compared to 19 reports for 2016.

• 22 of these homicides were of transgender women of color.

• Of the total number of homicides in 2017, 71% (n=37) of the victims were people of color: 31 (60%) of the victims were Black, 4 (8%) were Latinx, 2 (4%) were Asian, and 1 (2%) was Native. Additionally, 12 (23%) of the victims were white and 2 victims’ racial and ethnic identity is unknown to NCAVP at this time.

• 67% (n=35) of the victims were age 35 and under.

• Guns were used in 59% (n=28) of the total number of homicides thus far in 2017, including three people who were shot and killed by police.

• Over half of the homicides occurred in just five states. New York and Texas had the most anti-LGBTQ homicides, with 7 victims in Texas and 6 victims in New York. Georgia had 5 victims of anti-LGBTQ homicides, and Louisiana and Florida both had 4 victims of anti-LGBTQ homicides.

Read the full report, here.