Alabama Peanut Farmer Who Lost His Lesbian Daughter To Suicide Protests Moore’s Anti-Gay Rhetoric

A peanut farmer from Wicksburg, Alabama, drove to a Roy Moore rally on Monday to protest the extreme anti-LGBT rhetoric spewed by Republican Alabama Senate candidate.

Nathan Mathis says he lost his lesbian daughter at the age of 23 to suicide.

“I was anti-gay myself. I said bad things to my daughter, which I regret,” Mathis said as he answered reporters questions about his daughter, Patti Sue Mathis.

The father said he felt compelled to do something after hearing Moore’s condemnation of his daughter and LGBT people.

“Roy Moore called her a pervert, on one reason, because she was gay,” Mathis told reporters. “If he called her a pervert, he called your child a pervert if she was gay, and your son was gay. This is something people have to stop and think about.”

“You’re supposed to uphold the constitution. The constitution says ‘All men are created equal.’ But how is my daughter a pervert just because she was gay. Does it mean she was born gay? I don’t know the answer to that, but she was gay,” he said, as he held up a picture of his daughter.

When asked why he came to protest Moore’s rally, he said he initially had mixed emotions about coming.

“Somebody has to speak up,” he said. “If it’s all for no avail, so be it.”

Mathis said that Moore’s anti-LGBT rhetoric likely affected his daughter, as did his words to her.

“Moore didn’t call my daughter by name, he said all gay people are perverts, abominations.”

“That’s not true! We don’t need a person like that representing us in Washington. That’s why I’m here,” he added.