Mike Pence Once Ratted Out His Fraternity Brothers For Having A Keg At A Party

A college friend of Vice President Mike Pence told The Atlantic that Pence once snitched on his Phi Gamma Delta fraternity brothers for having a keg at a party on his college’s dry campus and got his entire house in trouble.

Dan Murphy, Pence’s fraternity brother at Hanover College’s chapter of Phi Gamma Delta, told the publication that Pence revealed the hidden kegs to top university brass.

Murphy, who now teaches history at the school, said the fraternity had “everything from the sort of evangelical-Christian crowd to some fairly hard-core drug users.”

Fraternity brothers were trying to re-create their favorite scenes from “Animal House,” which had recently been released.

“The Phi Gams devised elaborate schemes to smuggle booze into the house, complete with a network of campus lookouts,” The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins writes. “Pence was not a particularly hard partier, but he gamely presided over these efforts, and when things went sideways he was often called upon to smooth things over with the adults. One night, during a rowdy party, Pence and his fraternity brothers got word that an associate dean was on his way to the house. They scrambled to hide the kegs and plastic cups, and then Pence met the administrator at the door.”

When the brothers found out a dean was coming to the house, they attempted to hide the evidence of their rowdy party.

“We know you’ve got a keg,” the dean reportedly told Pence as he greeted him at the door.

When such incidents happened previously, the fraternity brother who answered the door would typically take the fall and claim that all of the booze was his, which would prevent the entire fraternity from facing a group discipline.

Pence instead decided to show the college dean exactly where the kegs were hidden.

He also told the Dean that the kegs belonged to the fraternity. Phi Gamma Delta was severely punished as a result.

“They really raked us over the coals. The whole house was locked down,” Murphy told The Atlantic.

As a result, most of Pence’s fraternity brothers were “furious” over the incident.

The future governor and vice president “managed to stay on good terms with the administration.”