Alex Jones Sounds Alarm On ‘Brain-Eating’ Liberal Lesbians That Torture Women

InfoWars host Alex Jones has issued a bizarre warning about liberal lesbians that physically abuse women and eat their brains.

“Most of the so-called liberal lesbians, they just wanna have the guy with the duck’s ass haircut and the James Dean outfit,” said the fringe conspiracy theorist.

“They want to be slapping girls around, and statistically it shows it.” He did not specify which statistics.

“I’m not blaming all lesbians, but most of these butch lesbians, they want to be the guy smacking the hot chick around. They think that’s manly.”

“A lot of the chicks, they like it. No man will do that to them, and I’m not saying it’s good if a man does that, but some women like it.”

“If they can’t find a man to smack them around, well they found them a girl gonna do it real good—knock them upside their head and have ‘50 Shades of Grey’ about the sexy rich guy that’s going to chain you up.”

“Of course, you’re gonna go get chained up one time. They’re gonna put that devil mask or that piggy mask on. They’re gonna say, ‘Now I’m gonna torture you for about six weeks, so start begging for your mommy and your daddy.’”

“That’s the liberals. They want to get you in a dungeon.”

“They want to strap you down and take a buzz saw and cut the top of your head off like a pumpkin and pull it off and get a little spoon and go, ‘I’m going to eat your brain now!’.”

He then did an impression of the brain-eating lesbians: “I’m gonna eat your cerebral cortex last! I’ve got power! I love Satan! And I’m gonna suck you dry and I’m going to torture you to death. You’re going to follow my liberal orders!”

In 2015, Jones introduced his audience to Donald Trump. During the interview, Trump said that Jones had an “amazing reputation.”

“I won’t let you down,” the then-candidate promised Jones.