Jenny Durkan Elected First Lesbian Mayor Of Seattle

Democratic candidate Jenny Durkan became Seattle’s first lesbian mayor and the first woman to hold the position in nearly 100 years after Tuesday night’s historic election.

Durkan, a former U.S. attorney, beat her opponent Cary Moon by more than 21 points, reports The Seattle Times.

“Ninety-two years later, Seattle is about to have a new woman mayor,” Durkan said, a reference to becoming the first woman to hold the post since the 1920s.

“Just imagine what they’re going to blame on me.”

She also said that the city can “show what it looks like when progressive values are put into action.”

“Donald Trump, keep your hands off Seattle,” she said.

The Seattle Times endorsed Durkan last month, calling her the “best choice to be Seattle’s next mayor” and an “accomplished attorney with state and federal experience who successfully led the fight for Seattle police reforms as U.S. attorney.”